Friday, November 22, 2013

Bar Dog II

Rocket and I went to our second Cause for Paws fund raiser at The London Bridge Pub and Rocket tied with two other dogs for third place for Cutest Dog! He got the adulation of dozens and I got a neat tee-shirt!

Poor dog, by the end of the evening he was  just about zonked out! He spent the day at Daycare and so he hasn't really slept all day - he needs his beauty rest if he is going to be at the best at da club into the evening hours.

Such a good boy though and we had a great time.

Here he is checking out the competition

He took this "selfy" after I became suspicious that someone had spiked the water bowls!

Here he is at the end of the evening, totally chill waiting for the announcement of the winners. No stress here, note his total confidence in himself.

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