Friday, November 8, 2013

Making the best of it.

Today was a good day! Rocket only peed on the floor! And he did it right before I got home so it was really easy to clean up! I was really heartened to come in a just clean up pee, I mean I was like over joyed that there wasn't anything torn up or in pieces or in the wrong place. I no longer have expectations, I'm just happy when I come home and I don't immediately  burst into tears or start screaming.

I also came to the conclusion that the instruction  I had been following, that when I come home in the evening that I should not immediately go to him but instead  leisurely go to the bathroom, change clothes and go about my business before I go and greet the dog. I think it works better for the both of us if I come home and rescue him right away - if only because the faster I can clean up the pee the better it is for he floor and for me. I understand the concept, but I also understand that not all rules fit all situations.

And my evening only got better when later when on my vets instructions, I went to clean out his ears -  it wasn't nearly as traumatic ( for us both) or as time consuming as it is when I try to put ear drop jell in! Yay! I haven't been sure that I am getting in any of the jell because he is such a terrible patient and I am a bad nurse.

Because I do not suffer in silence - Have you ever seen what lurks deep in your dogs' ears? Its not like what lurks in yours. We have nice, tidy,more or less clean places that get a little messy but nothing that is  too shocking. Your dogs'ears are shocking, there is no tidiness or cleanness in  a dogs ear. A dogs ears are actually tiny hellscapes. I believe now that when you area bad person and do terrible things to yourself  and others,  after you die you spend eternity deep in a dogs ears.

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