Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bow Ties for your Dog, for MY dog.

Wednesday after work., after picking up the dog from daycareI went to a holiday party that a store downtown was throwing for itself. It wasn't so much a "party" as it was "Hey. COme downtown on a Wednesday and brouse our store because we were closed at Thanksgiving because we are run by a committee" . I could have gone there this Friday for First Friday, but its just far enough away from my regualr stimping grounds that I would have to drive there and I drove around last First Friday and, well, it gets dark now.

Anyway. At the store while I was browsing and wishing I had lots of money to spend on my family and friends - because of course I saw things that would be perfect  but perfection comes at a price and if that price is not "clearence", its not going to happen.

Wouldn't it be cool to have enough money to randomly buy art? Instead of trying take covert pictures of it? Here, if I had money, you would so have this for real! Isn't it perfect? Its $75, the artist is local.

Anyway, one of the many things I wanted but could not buy were Doggy Bow Ties . The store wanted $18.50 a pop,so it was a no go for Rocket, but  other stores sell dog bow ties! Target sells doggy bow ties! They aren't as cute as the artisanal/made from locally sourced organic cotton and natural dyes/locally made ties I wanted but couldn't have.

Holding Target in my back pocket I went online.

Shockingly, I am not the first person to be shocked at the prices for retail dog ties! I searched  Dog Bow Ties . A couple of hounded thousand hits, I decided to narrow my search, I went for Slide on Dog Bow Ties, another hundred thousand hits to peruse  - Oddly, out in the world, they are also out of my price range.

Enter DIY. Keeping in mind that  I do not sew :How To Make Dog Bow Ties. This was fine but how about free patterns?  An additional 200,000 + sites to checkout. A quick peak for  How To Knit a Dog Bow Tie  ( Hi Mom!) and then I found  a pictorial on how to make a dog bow tie! Shazaam!

If I could sew or follow instructions I would be a real danger to myself and others. I would also have the best dressed pets in the world.

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