Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fun with pets.

I came home with every intention of taking the dog downtown to checkout the preparation for Raleigh's First Night celebration - Its way too Fun For The Whole Family to be any real fun for anyone in the family, but you know, but for a  Wednesday night in Raleigh, its better than average.  Oriental has a truly Fun for The Whole Family New Years that is actually fun for the whole family, but they rock.

Instead  of  getting a nice walk I spent the time cleaning this up:

Yes, that is blood. And it was splattered all over the room! Very festive. He pulled down the whole mechanism, in a single piece. It must have taken him some time to do it and I hope the cut mouth was worth it for him. I called the vet and described the scene to them and his condition. I cleaned and peroxided his feet and checked his mouth for wounds and all his parts were just fine. Bloody but unbowed.

And yes, I did send it to dogshaming.com because I want him to go from Cuteoverload.com to dogshaming.com in a single twelve month period. I want him to be internet famous.

His punishment for being so Rocket was to have to watch Ace eat nummy, nummy (earned!) wet cat food and then for dessert? Tuna water!. Ace  didn't fill up on Venetian blinds like some creatures.

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