Tuesday, December 3, 2013

To do or not to do

I have made progress on the Christmas decorations.  Some progress. I got my creche set out and set up

This made me feel pretty good and so I moved on to the mantel. This is not finished because its missing the stockings, but it looks pretty good to me and I'm sitting there looking at it and thinking it looks really pretty  as it is and I start seriously wondering if I really need to hangup the stockings at all.

Isn't  that pretty?Look at that mantel being all shiny and bright and festive. I'm not sure it "needs" stockings.

Now, we move on to the tree. I put the garland on it and took a step back.

I think that looks great. Its pretty and glittery and just about everything you could ask for from a treet.


Eventuially, the lights have to go up

Oh God! Kill it with fire! How awful! But then I started thinking, How often will I be around to see it being ugly? Does it bother me that it's not pretty? Yes and no.  Yes, it would look better in the harsh light of day if it were fully dressed but... I am too lazy to do the job and then I think about the job of stripping it and suddenly I am really wondering Can I not put the ornaments on the tree? Can I do that?


Will it make me look sad and pathetic? I am going to bring out the Santas!... But then I think, why bring them out if you aren't going to decorate the tree? And then I wonder? Why do any og it? Who is going to see any of it? Why bother doing anything I don't want to deal with? I mean really? What if I don't decorate? Whatif I am happy with the more moderate decorations? I'll have to put some thought into this.

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