Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun in the Snow.

The Wake County schools will be closed again on Friday, further proof that education is Job 27 in NC.

The snow is a little bit of an issue when it comes to successful dog walking though. The dog comes with all weather, four paw drive as well as built in snow shoes. I do not and the frozen slush is not easy to walk on with street shoes. We couldn't take our normal walk to downtown because while the streets are clear and passable, the side walks are not, for old times sake,  we took Daisy's' old route though my neighborhood.

No sidewalks to navigate but the snow is deep and I wasn't wearing my boots. We managed. I took Rocket to the baseball field as it is full of lovely snow and Rocket as we have learned, loves the snow. He ran around for a bit and then we were visited by two little boys.

They needed a little direction on how safely share space in a field with a large, unleashed, snow-drunk Rocket - but they caught on. One of the kids tapped out early and watched from the other side of the fence, while the other kid found  throwing sticks buried in the snow and threw them over and over for Rocket with his surprisingly strong arm . Rocket was beside himself with dog joy but was shockingly well behaved and well mannered throughout .I was very proud, yet wondered where my dog was. If I had been the one throwing the sticks I would have nipped fingers and torn sleeves. The child, Thank You Jesus! was entirely unscathed and  thanked me for letting him play with my dog.

I said you're welcome, but I thought to myself but this was not my dog, my actual dog is somewhere else being naughty. This dog was far, far too well behaved and practicing a degree of self discipline and self control that my dog has never displayed for me. This was a dog from a You Tube video.

This is Fluffy! Watch him play with a little kid he doesn't even know! Watch the little kid stay on his feet! Watch Fluffy keep a respectful distance! Watch Fluffy control his energy and excitement and keep his teeth to himself! Watch the kid follow instructions from some random woman on how to play safely with the dog! Watch the kid and the dog have a great time!

All this and I didn't have to get my feet wet. I stayed high and dry in a patch of grass.

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