Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back in the day

April 16, 2011

I hadn't thought about it being the anniversary. I know I have a lot of pictures from the time but I think they are trapped on the old computer and are inaccessible - I need to correct that, there are a lot of things on that computer I want to be able to get at and its not hard, the machine still works and all I have to do is turn it on and deal with the cranky slowness of the old beast.

I was moaning about the general half assedness of my yard over the weekend - needs mowing,. needs Knock-Out roses along the fence line, needs the neighbors to chop down offensive garden shading tree, needs to be leveled, needs to be re-sodded, needs garden moved to other side of yard, needs, needs, needs.

And then I remembered

Ii could be worse and actually,  it made everything better. I got a new fence, I got a new shed and I got a lot of the hateful ivy out of my yard. It opened up the sky and allowed me to have more and better gardening opportunities. It didn't happen over night but it got better. I need to breathe and get a plan. When all this happened, after I stopped hyperventilating, I made a plan and I followed through. The plan didn't come together as fast as I wanted it to but it did come together, if I want to make progress back there I have to get it together and  decide what I want to to do and how I am going to get it done.

It went from what you see above to below.

I can't count on another Act of God to get work done, so I'll just have to  act with what I have. Its not going to get leveled and its not going to get re-sodded. I could just keep it mowed because I know I like it better when its neat and less jungly and I see Knock Out Roses for sale here and there and they aren't so expensive I can't just buy the six or seven plants I probably need. I do need to work out irrigation and doing something about the abysmal soil along the fence line.  It can be done and sooner or later, I will do it.

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