Friday, April 4, 2014


Second evening trip to Walmart in two days. Sad now. The computers at work still do not work as well as before the "upgrade" and every day is a little more frustrating than it was yesterday, but in yesterdays defense, it is a lot better than it was last week.

This is a sexist thing to say : Too many of our IT people are forty year old women who didn't go to college but have taken a lot of  computer classes.  Watching them makes me sad.

I got next to nothing done today because two ladies spent two hours fiddling with my machine and their cell phones. Thanks to their labor I did regain control of my label maker but I have to get my scanner back on the leash.

Am hoping to sleep all weekend.

Oh, and April 4, 2014 marks the first time this season I wore shorts, not only wore shorts but swore shorts in public. I am also thinking of doing the seasons first mowing  of the lawn over the weekend.

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