Monday, April 14, 2014

Garden 2014 Update 4

What I didn't get done this weekend:
  1. Mow either lawn, needed to, planned to, but didn't get to it. Will do this week.
  2. Do my light load of laundry, I got the dark stuff done but ran out of time for the other. Will do this week.
  3. I shopped for meatloaf fixings but didn't make get around to doing it. Will do this week.
  4.  Added mileage on the exerbike, decided the toting and lifting and general labor counted as cross training. Will do better this week.
It sounds like I am going to be busy this week.

What I did get done this weekend.

  1. Attended the Democratic County Convention. Clay Akin was there.
  2. Went to the city and dug, lifted, carted and distributed (the hardest way possibly) six  heavy bins of dirt. This was two trips out there and way more manual labor than I am comfortable with. I discovered that mulch is lighter than compost.
  3. Tilled everything.
  4. got the irrigation hoses layed.
  5. got the weed barrier down.
  6. brought the bean trelisi up from the basement.
  7. planted tomaotos.
  8. bought a wheel barrow, one day too late.
  9. Walked to Church.
  10. Walked the dog.

Post soil amending and tilling



yes, they are planted too close together but I don't have room for them to planted the proper distance. Every year I plant them too close together and yet every year I manage a good harvest. I am going to plant peppers in the front with my Burpee sauce variety and more toms in the back.

I intentionally left the far sides open as they get too much shade and nothing grows there. I decided to cut my loses this year and not irrigate or plant those areas.



I want to point out the progress the potaotes have made.

It took a while but they came through.In the center area I am going to plant corn.

Out of nowhere I have real plants!

I have also bought onion sets (very cheap) but I don't know where they are going to go yet, possibly in bins.

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