Monday, June 9, 2014

Garden Update 9 2014

Today I started an experiment : Can you transplant very young corn plants?

I looked online and it seems like "yes" , but these had been in the ground for a while, not growing in a plant nursery situation and the plants are not babies anymore. I planted them in a neat grids as suggested for optimum growth , however not all the seeds sprouted and it left a lot of empty spots and empty spots are not conductive to a good harvest.

So I moved them around. I'm pretty sure that in theory the plants should be agreeable to this but I have my doubts. I just want to give them the best chance for producing a good harvest and if I had left them in the state they were, they most certainly would not have.

This weekend was potato harvest time and I got them all out of the ground, this was because it was time and the potato plants were throwing shade on my baby corn plants and the more shade they though the more I started to think it was time. They had been in the ground since March, when there was still snow on the ground!

I had wanted to get them in the ground in February but the soil was still frozen  and so  I had to wait until the first week in March to get them in the ground .They also survived a very late freeze right after they had started to sprout.

Its not a bad harvest and I only had two plans that failed to produce. It does not look like a lot there but they filled two hanging basket baskets to the brim. I can't eat this many so I'm going to have to find some good homes for a a few of them.

Still in the ground : Peppers, tomatoes, green beans, onions and corn.

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