Friday, July 18, 2014

Good Dog!

I got some garden work done. I put up some more tomatoes, got my first peppers this season taken care of, picked some more beans and brought in three ears of corn!

Before I did that Rocket and I made a record walk, four whole miles! Its a personal best for us and we are both very proud and tired. But its a good tired and we never get tired of hearing what a pretty dog Rocket is and how he is so well behaved, good natured, and generally the best dog ever. Sometimes I wonder if these people have ever met any other dogs or if somehow, all the dogs they have met are vicious monsters. All Rocket has to do to seem like some sort of super obedient dog is to not bite any of the hands that want to pet him.

Sad. I wish he could behave the same way at home when he's alone and he doesn't have an audience. I do not love the stress or having to pray on the way home  twice a day every day because - Gawd forbid I be able to do something over my lunch hour that isn't All About Him - that he hasn't destroyed something that I can't replace. I would stash him in Daycare, but Doggy Day Care is pricey, so its not feasible daily solution. Today he surprised me, I came home and the only thing he had done was carefully pick up a section of the newspaper from the kitchen table and bring it into the living room, - where he didn't touch it.

Which leads me to believe that he didn't take it in there to shred or to cover up a new spot, but that he brought it in there because he wanted to sprawl out on the carpet to read the lifestyle section. I'm afraid that he is learning to read. He would do that, I really think he would.

While I was out harvesting, I had thought I was going to mow the lawn or at the very least, give it is preliminary shave before I was able to really mow it. This did not happen, I gathered up my produce and went and took care of it so I didn't get the lawn down. It will survive and it will absolutely be there Friday or Saturday or Sunday...

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