Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is it cold yet?

As tired of winter as I was, I am thinking that I might be ready to be not hot again. Its okay here, its not as hot as it gets in places with real summers but I've been here long enough that I don't have the same blood anymore. Its thicker than it used to be, when I moved here it was actually in gas form, now it has body and definition and that is not good for dealing with heat.

In Texas, 90 degrees over the summer would be sweater weather, a genuine cool front in he middle of summer! In NC 90 degrees means I don't even want to go outside and I whine when I have to go out there.

I'm actually excited about August because after August we have September and September is the entry way to fall and fall is the gateway to Winter! But first we have to get through the open oven door that is August. July is just as hot and it sailed by - I was on vaca for two weeks so that helped, maybe I should take the first couple of weeks of every month off! That would be awesome! Completely  nonviable idea, but a good idea anyway! Good Brain Storming!

This happens every year. I am tired of my summer clothes and I  know for a damn fact that I have worn  them in every possible combination eleventy times and I feel like I'm wearing a uniform. I'm tired of looking at them and me in them.

The winter clothes that I couldn't get away from fast enough last March are starting to look less and less familiar. I do however, need a couple of new sweaters - some of mine date back to he early eighties and they are starting to look their age and I am a little bit tired looking at them myself. I think the solution is to change up the sweater rotation this coming winter and this summer, hit  some Goodwill's and see what is there is out there. I think that "getting tired of my sweaters" is a pretty common complaint - not that my sweaters are going to Goodwill, other people don't have the relationships with their clothes that I have. I don't want to break up with them, I think my winter clothes and I just  need to see a little less of each other.

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