Monday, July 21, 2014

Second Hand Roses

So this is what real life is like. I'm not sure I like it.

I woked all last week, I'm going to work all next week and every week after that for the foreseeable future. I should be thrilled.  I am happy about it, before I left on vacation the idea of even one more day of work was enough to me make me want to burst into tears.

Post vacation I can look ahead to  a day off at the end of August, the state fair in the fall, Halloween and the holiday season getting underway. Positive thoughts.

I have plans for my downstairs bedroom, nothing concrete yet because I didn't have anything on hand to act as inspiration for me to get moving on the project and that was fine, but now post-vaca I have more energy. I had to go into Knightdale and I saw there was a Goodwill, and still high off my extremy good trip to a Goodwill in Maruette, not thinking about the bedroom, more thinking about maybe picking up a new sweater or a interesting purse,instead I found these

I say they are heavy glass,the girl at the GWI claims they are crystal. The strip along the bottom looks like brass. They are very heavy, if you had to hit someone with one of them, the someone would stay down. They both work, and came with shades and in their day they were very nice shades. Today is a  new day and I will be in the market for  more up-to-date replacements. I think that after the lamps are polished up and they have better shades that they will be showstoppers. Now I have all kinds of ideas for that room!

Total  cost of these two lamps? $40. Win.

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