Monday, July 28, 2014


Busy weekend.

Saturday did work, my Dad did more work but work was done and I was tried. My Dad fixed the office door so it closes (almost) again and now Rocket is going to be spending his days back in the office where he started. I am hoping that as time goes on he stops with the puppy chewing and can be a real adult dog enjoying being free in the house without turning it into his own personal buffet. We can be ever hopeful.

My Dad and I also took apart the old, extremely well built disused dryer that has been sitting in my basement for too long and sent it to Old Dryer Heaven. Dryers are one of the few consumer goods these days made of solid damn steel! This thing would have made Detroit proud. It took us a long time to disassemble it so we could get it out of the basement  and there was not one bit of plastic in it . Built Ford Tough.

I also mowed both yards and cleaned out some clutter and straightened the basement. That was Saturday.

Sunday, went to church ( I wanted to walk there, but it got very dark very fast and so I drove instead.) I did laundries and watched TV and went then shopping with Broskey and Alphagal. I also walked the dog five miles both days. One Sunday we walked in the rain, because we are just that hardcore and just that too lazy to check that the weather to see if it was going to keep raining - It Did.. Fortunately, we were downtown  when it started and found a handy awning to camp out under until the deluge passed. I had a lovely one way conversation with a crazy person across the street while we waited. I don't know who he was talking to, if it was me or the dog or the spangly unicorns only he could see, but I was very glad the rain ended when  it did.

Then I went to Walmart at 9:00pm to get butter and popcycles .  Whee.

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