Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Garden Update 10 2014

I'm sure you have been very curious about Garden 2014. Its been a while since I've had an update and I am sorry.  The garden, over all, is doing well. Not as well as I would like, looking at you. under performing green beans!, but  its been a good year.

The corn has finished its run

It used to look a lot more lush and green but that was before it died. Now its waiting around for the fall when I am hoping, it is going to be transformed into Guy Fawkes and burned at Alphagal and Broskeys annual do'. Clearly, the morning glories are doing well. The corn produced well, not as well as it would have had I bothered to continue to fertilize it, as I should have, but I still got five or six ears and they were sweet and lovely. I will be planting corn again.

The green beans. I think I got a bad bag of beans. They aren't producing anywhere near what I have harvested in the past and it took me so long to get enough to bother blanching them that the ones I had, went bad waiting. I had to compost the whole lot of them. I am disappointed with the green beans and in the future I will not being buying my seeds from Walmart. I may not plant them at all next year and there is a chance I'll just plant some sort of flowering vine instead. Hurmph.

The tomatoes on the other hand, are at near record yields. They love he wet and humidity and have had a great year. I have given a lot a way and frozen a lot and feel really good about the rest of the season.

They don't look really impressive in this shot, but trust me, the peppers are doing well. They aren't as big and blocky and sturdy as I would like, but they are making lots of peppers so I can't complain. I think they may be suffering from too much rain and humidity. The ground just isn't able to hold on to nutrients and the plants are suffering. Again, I need to fertilize and I'm not. Its harder to do with the weed barrier in place but I need to get something I can spray on them through out the season. It may also be time to re-fill the garden with entirely new dirt and start anew. I would love to move the whole thing to the other side of the yard where it is much sunnier and a better home for the garden over all but I don't see that happening, I can dream.

Over all, a good year but not a great year, its been too wet and too many over cast days for proper garden health. Well worth it though and there is always next year.

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