Monday, August 4, 2014

New Things

It rained all day Saturday. I walked the dog in it twice. I took myself doe a walk in it when I got caught in a deluge trying to leave Sam's, I hope Dannen appreciates me as a client, I about got washed away for want of their yogurt.

Friday, before the sky's opened up, I bought myself something I have not had in my adult life : A bathroom scale. I was resolutely living in a post-weightism world and I decided I didn't need to keep track of that because I didn't have body image problems and I don't need the media to tell me how much I should weigh or have the power to me feel bad about my body.

Yeah. But if you don't weigh yourself, you don't know how much you weigh and if you don't know how much you weigh you don't realize you weigh more then you used to and by the time you do finally figure out that you are twice the woman you used to be... Well, its dire, your health is affected and its going to take more than temporarily  cutting out treats to fix the damage.

I've lost weight and have a few more pounds to go. I do not want to have to do all  this again. I think that a scale ( I re-read this and I had typed "scare") and a weekly weigh in will help me keep on top of what's going on and keep me where I want to be or at least in the neighborhood of that number. I am also becoming a much tougher critic of myself than the media ever was. The media honestly doesn't care about forty-six year old women. But I care about this one and I want to take better care of her.

I got a another new thing this weekend, it was a weekend of New Things For Diana

A New To Me Stove! Wheeee! Its so cool! and its a glass top and has a convection setting and its all fancy and awesome! Broskey and Alphagal kindly donated it to me when they upgraded to gas. I love it! It is the dreaded Metallic, but it is very nice and I can forgive it for not being my beloved Bisquet. Eventually, I will replace the other machines to metallic, if only because of resale issues - should that ever happen, I have no plans for that whatsoever, but sometimes life happens out of your control and against your will.

Old stove, my lovely bisquet, you really have to search for that shade! Its all white or black of metallic and I wanted to have everything the same color. The room is verysmall and it helps to have everything the same color. Tomorrow will be hopefully, picked up by Habitat for Humanity and will got to another home where her lovely complexion will be appreciated.

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