Monday, August 25, 2014

Rocket Competes!

I wish Rocket could have rolled that well in the actual contest, but now I know where we need work. When we start this back up tomorrow, we're going to do it on crunchy, uneven grass instead of smooth even, lovely cement, its going to be a challenge. He still did well at the contest, even with the handicap of the grass, 2nd place is terrific for a first timer and he really did get beaten fair and square by a preternaturally obedient golden retriever. I can't complain. I can improve.

We are going to work on how distracted he gets. Sunday, just as he started his turn, he jumped down and dove under the judges table so he could meet the five month old sheep dogs that were hanging out in the shade. This was not awesome. I had been hoping he could perform without his leash.

I looked online to see if there was something else we could practice for and I found that they will be doing the yearly AKC Dog Olympics at the NC State Vet school the weekend of September 13th, just a few days after we got there to get help for his anxiety. They have contests for Best Trick and Highest Jump and that will be fun and lots of vendors and free stuff!

Best Trick is scheduled for 10am, and that is not fun. We'll soldier through it. And in the mean time, we are going to practice, practice, practice.

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