Friday, September 19, 2014

Not getting better

And then the week was over. I went eight consecutive days not getting back to the house "on time" For me this is unheard of and it made me  feel very unbalanced . I have a rut and I like my rut.

Do you know what makes you feel better after  failing miserably unsuccessfully trying to remove unwanted crapware from your computer? A doggy cuddle. I feel much better now, little dog didn't even have to wake up to make me feel much, much better. He's magic. I wish I could carry him around in my pocket and pull him out during the day when I need a quick dog hit. There are days I would spend all day face down in him. I wouldn't get much done but I would feel so much better and I bet I would be more productive, even face down in the dog. He's my Thunder Shirt.

Speaking of little dog, Friday starts the first day of  Project Dog Spy. I think I have focused pretty well. I decided that I was going to see how long he spends at the door and how often he goes there. I'm hoping this will help  . I just spent twenty minutes searching for my Dog Behavior Journal I am keeping for the behaviorist. I couldn't find it because I tidied and I was afraid I tidied it into the ether, which is what I do. I was trying to figure out why I would of hide the DBJ, its not shameful, its not full of secrets and its not at all interesting or embarrassing. I had no reason to make it disappear. And yet, I made it disappear. I wasn't anywhere I stash things in the name of Tidy. I think I am mildly ashamed that it is a proper journal that I bought just for the purpose. It was on sale damn it! Very marked down, it cost a total of $2.50! Its mole skin with dog images stamped in it and I bought it on purpose because there is no way I could keep track of the  notebook paper they gave me! There! out of the dog shame closet! I bought a tool on sale . Damn it.

If I had bought it for its stated purpose, some kind of  dog and dog owner address book and dog count

Next Tuesday I am having a video camera installed by my security company. They are also going to bring my system into the 21 Century, but really they are coming to instal a camera so I can spy on my dog with my cell phone all day. I could care less about a new key pad and the 21st century. They are going to make it easier to spy on my dog.

I did finally find it. It was not tidied away, it was on the coffee table. I needed the exercise I got from speed pacing the house and opening every drawer and every door. Totally necessary. I did find my book and I was able to make my notes and everything is fine. I wish the behaviorist had told me what to write and what to note, I'm not sure anything I'm making note of is relevant. I don't see any changes yet from his bump in meds, I would like to see some changes from the bump. perhaps it was not enough of a bump.

Maybe I should get him a thunder shirt

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