Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Young dog has had a very exciting few days. He got to take a very long trip in the car, he got to play with his favorite people, he got to take a trip on a boat and then another long trip in the car and then today. he got to go back to his shrink!

Before he even saw the shrink he met a new friend! I should have been more careful about letting him meet new friends in the dog shrinks office because most of the  dogs at the dog shrinks office aren't there because they are neurotics, most of the dogs are there because they are psychotic . It is important to be very polite to psychotics.

Rocket is friendly to everyone regardless of their diagnosis. We marched right up to the largest dog I have ever seen and said Hi! My name is Rocket! Here is my throat! Weee! Lets be friends! . We did this not very smart thing to an Irish Wolfhound, the largest Irish Wolfhound in the world, easily taller than my eight year old neice, while he was standing, not even sitting when the look taller. He weighed in at twice what Rocket weighs and  is young  and growing! A huge dog that was there for behavioral issues and I'm all up in his face Hi! Puppy! How are you? Aren't you a good puppy!. Rocket may not be the only  one who needs a shrink.

We saw the doctor who gave me permission to up his meds under stressful situations and directed me to ry to get him to spend more time in the crate while I am in the house, to get him more comfortable with being in there if he has to be in a crate for whatever reason. I all ready tried it out and he was fine, he took a nap. This was in his box in my room while I puttered around and did laundry. Not really a challenge, but a start.

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