Monday, October 6, 2014

Urban Cowgirl

I get no cookie for failing to post Friday Cat Blogging.

Even without this cookie I had a good weekend! I went downtown with my friend from work and we a great time and while we were down there we had a really good dinner of meatballs from a restaurant that has only meatballs on its menu. I think its called Meatballs. Best meatballs ever! The texture and flavor was outstanding and they were meaty and delicious. Wow!

It was also Wide Open Bluegrass weekend and there was an art festival and lots of vendors selling bluegrass themed goodies and in honor of the twangy goodness or maybe because of it, I bought the Worlds Most Awesome Cowgirl Shirt

The hat belongs to Broskey and Alphagal. I'm going to wear them as an ensemble for Halloween. I spent the rest of the weekend doing as little as I could get away with and sleeping very late. A good time was had by all.

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