Friday, November 14, 2014


Do you know how far up my dogs ass my head is? I was on my way home from work and a minute or so from my house and up head I saw a fire truck and my first thought was "Wow. I hope the sirens didn't freak out the dog". Not " I hope the human being that is the reason there is a  fire truck here is okay". Its sad.

The dog was not freaked out by the sirens and the fire truck was not there when the dog and left for our walk ten minutes later.

This evening, the dog guarded the car ( its all in the phrasing) while I went to a local plant boutique for their yearly open house. I went last year and they had transformed the place into a very expensive winter wonderland. It was full of  gorgeous, expensively  decorated trees and lights and geegaws and I could have spent hours being impressed by it all, and I did. I think I was even so hypnotized by the spender of it that I bought something.  This year it was much less gorgeous and had fewer trees and geegaws and I didn't buy anything. I spent a lot of time there but it was because I was trying to find where they were hiding the rest of the decorations and trees. I never found them.

I went to a hardware store near the plant boutique and did my first official paint chip shopping. It was over whelming and I am looking for gray. Not an overwhelming color, no one has ever been overwhelmed by gray. Until you see how many shades of gray there are! And there are shades of gray! Some are more blue some or more tan some are green and some are into BDSM. Bu dum, dum. I picked up a bunch of swatches and went on my way,

Since I was all ready out, I stayed out and went to a store that I knew would have lots of things for me to buy, and I took care of  another Christmas gift! Yay!  Now I only have most of them to buy instead of almost all of them to buy! Wheee!

I was going to go to Wallyworld but then I remembered that it was Thursday night and I didn't want to go to Wally to buy a jar of peanut butter and while I could have gone to a less crowded grocery store I didn't  want to spend more to get less and so I'll just take care of my Wallying needs over the weekend, like everyone else.

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