Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I think I need more spontaneous days off in the middle of the week. I should work for the feds.

I got two doctors appointments taken care of, got gas in the car and picked up two proscriptions. I did not make dog treats, a disappointment, but I can live with it and maybe I can still do it later in the week. I need to up my output if I want to not have to slave away in Aunt Cookies sweatshop again . I shouldn't have to do that, it sucks and it makes it less than fun and the whole thing should be fun.

When I am not thinking about dog cookies I am thinking about fabric and drapes and wall colors. I am not ready to actually pull the trigger on any of these things, but I want to be ready to when the time comes - and it will. I want gray and white and burgundy floral curtains and gray walls, white wood work and burgundy furniture. Gray carpet would be really nice too.

I want gray walls, and there are so many grays out there. I haven't gone paint shopping yet because there are so many different shades and its important to get it on the walls to get what it looks like. That means putting test patches on the wall and that means that you really, really have to paint and soon. That is a little scarey for me. Also, I do not love painting and it is a large space to paint when it needs to be painted.

I had two appointments, one was my mammogram, and the other was really Rockets doctor appointment. It was his yearly, and it was throuogh.  I wish they could come up with a once a year bordetella vax, and I could really limit my visits. But. He is in great shape inside and out! Blood work was great, no heart worms, no anxiety weirdness when they took him back and away from me for blood draws and to get a urine sample that was a huge step for him and I was thrilled.  He checked out super healthy and made the doctor happy.

He does not have a UTI - I kind of wanted him to have one because a UTI can be cured. He is wetting the floor again and while the behaviorist took him off one of his meds to curb that, and so far it has, I want the peeing to stop and now two and  a half years later, it won't stop. Its more than meds.

My goal at this point is that someday, I will be able to not come home at lunch to take him out to pee.

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