Monday, November 10, 2014


I didn't do anything "good" this weekend but I did get everything on my list accomplished, so I take it as a win.

I got a batch of dog cookies into the freezer - Holiday themed cookies, made with Heinz Turkey Gravy, canned pumpkin and canned cranberry.  My next flaor is going to be flavored with chicken bouillon and chicken grease from the  spectacular whole chicken I baked on Saturday . Gordon Ramsey may be a complete tool, but he does make a very good turkey/chicken. It was juicy and tasty and not that hard to make. It lived up to everything I hoped. I am now hoping to be able to take it to the big leagues and use the recipe to make the Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanks to Mr. Ramsey, I now have a lot of lovely chicken meat and an even more lovely chicken carcass in my freezer to make this years chicken soup.

When I wasn't in the kitchen, I moved my life back upstairs for the winter. I bought a new tent for he dog so that I didn't also have to move his steel dog crate back upstairs.  The tent was cheap and I gots what I paid for. He went through the mesh door in one try. Sunday, I moved his steel crate up the stairs.

I also got my laundry done.

Oh! Almost forgot! I got my Santa! I went to the nicer Wally at lunch on Friday and they had my airblown! I  was so excited! Now its at my house and I feel great! Friday night my friend from work and I went to dinner and First Friday and we had a really nice time. The dog had to come with us and guard the car for me because he refused to go into the office. He was fine in the car but should have been left at home like a normal dog. He is going back to his medical vet for his annual appointment on Tuesday and I am going to have them check him for a UTI, cause he's more crazy than normal and wetting like crazy and I want him back to his normal level of dry crazy

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