Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Like shipping in the night

Today I got the cookies boxed up and taped up because cheap shipping tape works best when layered . Also I found some cuuute doggy stickers to  decorate the outside of the boxes but it turns out they don't really stick so I had to add more layers of cheap packing tape. The boxes now weigh about eight pounds each. Yay. But they are really, really cute.

I did not realize that two of the boxes had the same sticker pattern until right now and now I am disturbed. I stuck a lot of stickers on those boxes and that should not have happened.. If they weren't plasted under layers of tape I would change the lay out on those two boxes immediately.

I will breath though this. There is a chance that those boxes aren't even going to the same state - this year two are going to Michigan and three to Texas, however, none of those are going to the same cities and even if they were, I doubt that the stickers would merit comment. Hopefully.

I'm going to mail the Michigan boxes tomorrow and the Texas boxes the day after that, I would do it all at once but it takes forever and I don't want to have to put the dog in daycare for a day just so I can mail stuff! Postage is expensive as it is without adding dog boarding to the total.

My next project is going to be distributing Christmas cards at work.

Bonus picture of me! Modeling my new warm and tre chic custom made Alphagal hat as well as my new sweater I found in the pet aisle at Ross! I told the girl at the check out that it was genius marketing, putting the pet themed sweater in the pet aisle, because if I am there for lets face it, clothes for my pet or as the case may be, for my Secret Santa persons pet -  I am not going to go look though the people clothes (especially at Ross, ewww) and I would have never have found it. I think its awesome. I am also too old to be taking selfies. I'm pretty sure the camera is not supposed to be in the frame.

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