Friday, January 9, 2015


I walked the dog Wednesday night and came away with the knowledge that I had just set the bar for Too Cold to Walk The Dog. I learned from this. I already knew that it was only going to get colder as the week went on and acted proactively by decided that Thursday was going to be a doggy daycare day and there would be no walking of the dog in the Too Cold.

Wednesday night I also learned that my sneakers are not houses for my feet, my sneakers are in fact, screened porches for  my feet. I went to Wally Wednesday night and lost sensation in my feet from just the car to the store! I thought my sneakers were made of  heartier stuff but I was wrong. I wonder if they sell winter weight sneakers? Is that even a thing? I hadn't noticed this earlier because I had worn my heavier, leather work shoes on our walk, Thank Gawd, because if my feet had been that uncomfortable I'm afraid they would have made like a Somali pirate and turned the trip around. I have enough problems making decisions as it is without my brain being blindfolded and tied up in a closet.

Thursday dawned as cold as they said it would be. I wisely did not walk the dog in the 13 degrees and instead took the dog for I had hoped would be a  very fast pee in the 13 degrees - in which even a very fast pee took too long! I went through my entire Rocket, Pee!  Just Go Pee Now!, sample lyric Now, go  here! go now! Right Now!, all the lyrics are basically versions of that sentiment -  song four or five times before he popped a squat and put me out of my misery. For a bald dog with no body fat he seems remarkably comfortable in the cold. I am not bald and have considerably more body fat that he does and I wanted to die. He thought it would be fun to walk the fence line and see if there were any bunnies around.

Rocket went off to daycare and for once did not pass blood or hurt himself! We are now 1 for 1 there! Whooooo! One Day in a row! without an accident or blood loss! Having! A! Dog! Is! So! Much! Fun!

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