Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dog Tape

I redressed his wound and it looks good, and it might be a little smaller than it was. I was hoping for  it looking "gone", but we're not there yet. It isn't infected but it hasn't formed a scab yet either, I think ideally it should be open to the air to really dry out and scab over, but that isn't practical with a dog. I guess I could leave it open at night but I'm afraid he would find a way to go rogue and beat the collar and further damage the damage.

Maybe this weekend I will try him with it uncovered and see what happens. What would be really great would be if were gone by this weekend it was healed up and it wouldn't need to be bandaged and I can put the collar away again. I'm going to send him back to daycare on Thursday and without his collar on, but maybe with more duct tape?  The weather is supposed to get really frigid and awful by the end of the week and I know we won't be walking and he'll need the outlet. I think I'll send the collar with him but hopefully by then we can try him without it. Maybe during the day on the weekend I could try him without the covering? I think that would speed healing?

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