Friday, February 20, 2015


Boom.   I didn't even know they came in hot pink! and with bonus gray - It is a little bigger than I saw in my minds eye, but I think is just fine. I will not have one on the other side, but instead will keep the tiny table that is there now and just cover it with some sexy pink and orange sari fabric, because you know there is pink and orange sari fabric out there and it is very, very rock star and will look brilliant!

I also had the thought that I will get some very fringy fringe and hot glue it around the bottom of the ottoman, to both bring in some COLOR and make it look like a single piece .FRINGE.

Other than that.

Its cold. very, very cold and I did not move here to be this cold. I don't like it, I'm not built for it and if I wanted to be this cold I would live somewhere where there are winter sports. I could be a skier and own a snow mobile.   This cold here is just out of line. A high of 20 degrees.

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