Friday, February 13, 2015


This was how my morning started.

I got up, I got dressed, I took the dog for a walk, I fed the dog. I got my breakfast prepared. I smashed my favorite mug, painted the table with my yogurt and soaked my toast. And my clothes and shoes and kitchen floor.

I had been awake for forty minutes.

Fortunately, the rest of the day did not follow suite. Until I looked outside at about a quarter to three and wondered where the sun went and why it was now dark. I went home at lunch and it was warmish and sunny and dog and I took a nice walk and it was lovely and you know, daylight. I came home after work and had to cut our walk very short because it was suddenly much colder and even darker and there was something obnoxious falling from the ski.

Since I all of a sudden had so much free time, I decided to go forward with my home made mac and cheese. It was good! It was not as good as the boxed stuff - the holy grail of mac and cheese, if you ask me, but it wasn't "bad". It could have done with more seasoning  and orange but you live and learn.

After dinner. Totally sated after my  dinner of over cooked chicken, mac and cheese and cauliflower -  I decided to really party. I cleaned out my refrigerator! ( wow I have so many more plastic containers than I thought I did!)  Emptied my dishwasher! Filled my dishwasher! and then... I took my garbage to the curb! You would think it was Friday night with all the wild going on's!

That's right,  Friday night, its looking like laundry and I might, clean the upstairs bathroom... I'm getting out of control. I need to pace myself.  Its sad, really.

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