Monday, March 16, 2015

Busy Bee

I was busy this weekend. I hired not one but two painters. One to paint the living and dining room area and another to paint the hallway and entry way.  I liked both of them but the one guy seemed to be a little more professional, and while he was the higher bid, I think he was the better choice. He will also be working in the evening while I am here and and can supervise.

The other team came in so under budget that it made me wonder about the quality of the paint and the quality of their work. I do think they are the right choice for the smaller job, if they  stay to budget on those and do well with those small spaces and , I will know who I will call for the next job large or small.

Since I am now officially a Job Creator and I think should not have to pay taxes anymore.I think Gov. McCrorey owes me an apology and a sizable check.

I also bought paint, twice. You know the saying Measure Twice, Cut Once? Think:  If They Don't Ask, TELL THEM YOU NEED THIS IN OIL, latex is the go-to and they don't even ask if you need oil! There should also be some saying about : Check To See If The Paint Manufacturer Makes Oil Based Paint and Then Ask If The Big Box Store Has Any Oil Paint In Stock In Gloss. Because they might not and you will end up putting satin on the wood work even if that is not exactly what you wanted and you will have to start the very trying process of finding The Right White all over again and that is maddening.

Because  YOU CAN'T PUT LATEX PAINT OVER OIL PAINT . And if you know you are dealing with oil based paint, Make That The First Thing Out Of Your Mouth At The Paint Section.  You can either prime it out or just put more oil paint over it. Gah.

Anyway. Wrong paint returned, correct paint in hand.

The new paint color. It felt like I looked at 50 Shades of Gray!

 The walls will be : Going Gray

The trim is going to be a slight grayer shade of white because I didn't want there too be too much contrast, enough conrast, but not too much contrast. Its a lot harder to do than I thought it was going to be, there are a lot of colors that are called "white" but aren't "white", almost as many shades of "gray" that are called "gray" but aren't "gray". My first choice turned out to be lavender once it was on the wall.  Looking for paint seemed like it would be a lot more fun than it was.

I also picked a very bright pink, looking for this was fun -  to use on the insides of the book cases and in the entry way and hall way. Instead of a passe Feature Wall I will have very couture Feature Rooms. The random furniture will still be a burnt orange to be named later.

The other work I, or rather, Broskey, did over the weekend, was the job putting the legs on my ottoman!

My contribution to the cause was to stain them walnut. They are taller than I had originally  wanted, but I couldn't get the shape I wanted in the smaller size. I am glad I went with a taller leg.

I am super pleased with the way they turned out! They look great in the room and the legs look as good on the ottoman as I had hoped! and they are a good height for a coffee table/occasional seating.

I also took Rocket to Dog Bar and he impressed a whole new group of dog people with how well he behaves in public, his capacity to get along with other dogs, even loathsome little dogs who lunge at him snarling and snapping, and his awesome good looks and how  incredibly patient he is about  wearing holiday outfits and doing very silly things for me. Best Puppy Ever.

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