Monday, March 23, 2015

Garden Update 1 2015

Work. Work. Work  Filled the larder, tilled the garden, mowed the lawn, did a lot of laundry and took the dog for long walks. I rewarded myself with a trip to a cafeteria.

I also finally got my tax refund and called the painter and set up when he's going to paint my place. Its not as soon as I would have liked, but its going to get done and that's what I need to concentrate on. I can spend the time tidying up and cleaning the corners and getting the place ready for the painter to do his thing. I don't want to hear about my housekeeping from "Elden"

He's going to be here for a week, painting in the evenings after he gets off work. I see myself walking the dog quickly after work and hitting one of the places downtown before heading home. Hopefully it have warmed up by then and won't be raining. The place is going to look really nice after he's done.

The garden is going to be different this year. I'm going to move the peppers into the garden extension, to get them away from the shade causing tomato plants,  and hopefully, up production. I'm going to be growing container corn again and not growing green beans for the first year in memory. The harvest has been less then awe inspiring the last couple of years so I'm benching them for a season. I'm also not planting potatoes this year, too carby for me now, and I was getting over extended garden-wise. I'm going to get rid of my non-productive berry plants too and replacing them with more more attractive elephant ears and lavender.

I'm going to be putting in a lot of tomatoes and peppers though, and I had good luck with a admittedly, carbtastic corn on the cob, that I am just going to eat because I like them and corn is easy to gift.

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