Monday, March 2, 2015


I didn't so anything living room re-decoration related, I did however, buy the two ottomans from Wallyworld on Thursday ( on sale! $29 each, free delivery!!)  They are scheduled for delivery to Wally on Tuesday! But other than that, I took the weekend off from decorating.

My big accomplishment was changing one of the dogs prescriptions from Sams Club to Wally - Which I thought were the same thing, but are not. Sams Club wanted to charge me  $100 a month for something Wally wants to charge me $20 for!  I had contacted the behaviorist because I can't pay $100 month after month for a script - no matter how well it works, its not going to happen, even if was my med, there are no $100 meds in my life.

So, now the med should come from my local Wally and it should be in the dosage that the doc originally wanted, i.e, One Single Pill,  instead of four pills at a time I am hopeful of this. The four pills also drove the price way, way up.

When I wasn't doing laundry, I did a lot of laundry this week - It turns out that when you have to wear like seven layers of clothing at a time all the time, you end up with seven times the laundry, Upside? I did a lot of stairs, up and down to the basement and then to the attic.

One of my trips out of the house, I went to Big Lots and bought, well, Lots. It was a Friends and Family weekend, 20% off my entire purchase! Tell me you wouldn't jump on  more kitchen garbage bags and a brand new tarp for your roof. So that I not get the reputation of being totally fiscally useful or responsible , I also bought a Traxx!

What is a Traxx? It is a poor mans Fit Bit. It doesn't work as well, its slower and buggy and  I fear that it will not work as well . My first clue came with a card in the packaging from the maker begging buyers to please call them to ask any questions before we get mad that its not a real Fit Bit  and take it back where we got it. I bet they get yelled at a lot because the buyer just can't afford a real one, I imagine they listen to a lot of self loathing drama.

I didn't make cookies, even though I had orrigannly planned on doing that. Instead I watched a lot of Chopped and slept in front of the TV with the dog a lot of the weekend.

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