Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baby Steps

I got the dog his new toy! It is larger than I had planned, but, it works. I also learned that those wooden spools would make fantastic patio tables, they even come with their own holes for an umbrella. They come in all sizes and can be had cheap.

He's just getting to know the new barrel, sniffing it and getting used to the sounds it makes and its weight. Its also taller than the other one - I was afraid it would be a problem, but he seems okay with it. I would still prefer it to be shorter but, the smaller ones are very small and I don't think he's fit on them.

I think he likes having the higher sides on the barrel, he can lean on them, helps him feel secure. I do wish my yard was flatter and more level, its very not and that makes it harder for him. We worked the other one in the drive way too, and that was okay. Its just harder to maneuver and its just a bigger thing. It doubles as a table too.

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