Monday, April 20, 2015

My Own Private Eldon, Day 5-6 : The Finishing!

We started here, more or less.

I was hoping for some better before pictures but I either never took them or they are on my phone and I am too tired to go fetch them. Suffice to say, it looked different before.Once I get the whole room put back together, I'll do a real search and I'll post the before and afters.

The curtains are pretty crucial to the whole look and they won't be up for a bit. I am bit by bit going to reintroduce my pictures and chochkies back into the room but under very controlled circumstances. The painted surfaces need to cure for a while and its been pouring for days so I'm in no hurry to get them restocked. The same goes for the walls, I think there are going to be hard choices to be made with the redecorating of the spaces.

The end tables will be painted burnt orange soonish and in June, when it comes back in stock at Wayfair, I'm getting a fab new arc lamp that will really light up the room. I got very nice new curtain panels for the dining room at Wally and they are going to be lovely in the space.

Right now I'm just enjoying how pretty everything is and how happy I am to have my house back from Eldon. He was a very good worker ( not so  outstanding I don't have a punch list, his son is not the worker Eldon is, that's for sure), but after six days of them, I'm glad to be alone in  my house again.

I know a lot of the old stuff is not coming back because I am so looking forward to shopping for this new room! I have an artist I really like and I think I'm going to get a print of her work in honor of the rooms new look. Also, a new rug, because the old rug looks like utter shite now. 

I'm like Santa, making  my lists, setting my priorities, looking for bargains. Yay!

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