Friday, May 22, 2015

Dear Lenscrafters, Its Over.

Dear Lenscrafters,

I'm going to break up with you. We've had a great run, we've been together for a very long time, but I think we've grown apart and want different things. For example I want these

And I can't have either of these because while they are featured on the Lenscrafters web site they are NOT available in the stores. They are not in the warehouse and the only way to get them through Lenscrafters is if the clerk who helps you is really up for a challenge. Last year they found my glasses - glasses I found on the website and went to the store to see, only to be told that they didn't have them and couldn't get them. I was as brokenhearted as you can be over a missed opportunity with glasses frames, but the guy promised to try to find them and he did! He called stores all over the state and rattled cages at  warehouses and low and behold my glasses surfaced. I am so glad he went the extra mile and did that for me. I am complimented on them all the time!  When was the last time some stranger told you they like your glasses? Yeah, its not something that happens. It happens to me because I have special order glasses and last year, I had the benefit of great customer service.

This year I went back to my Lenscrafters and told them I am not buying new frames but I am getting new lenses. I am paying more for this than if I had bought a complete pair. They punish you for not getting new glasses and then they won't let you use your frame allowance to buy sunglasses. Or maybe they would but my clerk was not up for a challenge or offering anything above the barest minimum of customer service. She was kind of a bitch actually.

When I told her I got my frames from them last year and the guy who helped me really helped me, she said "Yeah. That happens sometimes", in a tone that told me it was not going to happen this time. I decided that next year I go someplace else.

On my list is a  lovely  glasses store downtown that I had thought was "Dr. Chichis' Spectacle  Boutique" but is in real life is just a Eyecare Center! Not a fancy boutique at all. I see sexy frames in there in their windows all the time but I never looked too close because it looks expensive. It's not, its just good window dressing.

So. Next year? Maybe stripes.

No Love,

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