Thursday, May 7, 2015

Floor Show

In further pursuit of my new obsession with the interior of my house, I got a couple of on special 5x7, discounted, carpets are Target. So much cheaper than buying a big carpet, small carpets = small price.

My last carpet came from a yard sale. It was a remnant from a hotel, and at the time it was perfect, like a gift from above. And then, eight or so years later, I went to Target and there was another gift.

Old carpet needed to go, and after it was rolled up,  I saw that the carpet had left a little bit of a , shadow, a dusty, icky shadow.  I knew it was there, but it also needed to go. So I made it go. I swept  and vacuumed and moped with hardwood floor cleaner. And mopped, and mopped.


Kind of blah, dusty, yucky. In need of attention.  I should have been paying attention to it, they are nice hardwood floors that should be taken care of like they were years ago. They looked better years ago after I took the carpet up when I moved in. Nice floors like these deserve to be treated better than I have. But here I am and here they are and  I'm going to put another carpet down and hope it protects the floor until I can wax it or put a sealer down or whatever it is that people to to care for their hardwood floors.

But in the meantime, I cleaned it up.



It looks much better, there is a weird patch that I don't know what happened to, but over all, it still looks good and I'm happy with it. I'll let it sit over night and tomorrow after work, I'll put the carpets down and put the table and chairs back and there we go. I couldn't wait!

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