Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Not much to add today. Just trying to catch up and get everything I would have (hopefully) gotten done ove the weekend had I been here to do it plus all the regular start of the week chores that  always need to get done right now. I'm learning that there is no gun to my head and some things can just get done when they get done, the sky is not going to fall out of the sky if I have to put a tea bag into a mug first thing AM. Really, it will be all right, its more convenient when I don't have to do that, but its okay if I do have to.

At work I powered though all my Friday work and then took care of  my Monday work! I was really tired when I left for the day, but it was worth it. On Tuesday, all I have to worry about is Tuesday and that will seem like a break.

This week I need to mow both yards, do a butt load of laundry and prepare my To Be Donated pile to be donated. It will be a nice feeling to make the stuff available to someone who needs it, but an even better feeling to get them out from under foot! The clutter makes it feel as though I have made no progress. Lets hear it for progress!

We have curtains and they look so nice! The job is almost done!

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