Monday, May 25, 2015

Testing my patience

Brilliant thinker that  I am, I forgot my computer at my parents house. It will be  visiting them for a week for vacation and then it will head back to me.

I am going to use my tablet in the mean time. If this proves too onerous I will go back to my desktop computer that I haven't  turned  on in three years. It uses  dial-up. Let us hope for a detente between me and the keyboard on my tablet.

Let us pray I get  very  good at typing  on it .There is a button I keep punching that kicks me out of blogger and back to my start  page. I have done  this four times so far . I don't  know which button or sequence of buttons being  pushed caused this to occur over and over again . It seems to work better when I use only one finger  to "type".

Also the program guesses badly when it tries to finish  words  for me. I thought  it knew me better than that. By the end of the week it will.

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