Friday, July 17, 2015


While I was having daydreams about how awesome my new dresser is going to look, I remembered that I had an existing piece of furniture upstairs that has been pleading to be fixed up and could also look awesome if I would work on it.

When I started thinking about two pieces of furniture rather than just the dresser, I decided that the mahogany idea was not the best way to go. Instead of trying to camouflage pigs ears  to match up with the silk purse, that I would just make the pigs ears into silk purses! Why not add to the work?! The dressers is going to be a lot of work, the biggest thing I've tackled so far so why not just double my work load? Yay!

Here is the new entry into the furniture olympics, be careful, its very ugly.

I mean, it is really ugly. If this was on the curb I wouldn't even slow down.

See, but it lives in my house and it has lived here longer than I have, I owe it to try to put it back to work.

So. New idea, they are going to be green - but a really good green, a non-tacky green, something to brighten up the (dark,dark,dark) space and kind of re-establish the Camp Knotty Pine theme I had/have going on up there, I am also going to use some of the same cling things I used downstairs, except pine and pine cone themed. The interiors I am going to paint either a light brown or neon green. I haven't made up my mind.

 The upstairs space AKA my winter bedroom, where they are going to live  looks like a paneled submarine, so there are limits on what can be done up there without major structural changes. I am not up to to the challenge, so we're going Knotty Pine.

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