Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcomed Back

More things to get used to

1. My new office is on a different floor, on the other side of the hallway.
2. My old view was better.
3. When they moved my office they didn't move everything.
4. Its freeing have nothing in my desk drawers.
5.I woke up this morning and had nothing to do.
6. Rain doesn't matter.
7. I don't have to walk the dog in the dark.
8. I don't have to walk the dog in the rain.
9. I can turn my burglar alarm on whenever because I will not being going out again.
10. I can go to bed whenever I want to.
11.The exerbike makes my legs sore.
12.The cat kind of likes me again.
13.I didn't have to go home for lunch.
14.I took my lunch to work in a bag.
15.I ran errands during lunch .
16. I ran errands after dinner.
17. I can park in the sun.
18. I can be inside for as long as I want,
19.I didn't have to put my dinner away when I had to  get up to go to he bathroom.

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