Friday, September 25, 2015


Two days this week the dog broke out of his room minutes after he was put there and ate stuff he did not need to eat. I don't want him foraging in the house and I don't need him to eat things that are not food, its dangerous and it sets a bad precedent. I really don't need him to get the impression that things with batteries are toys or snacks or snacks that are toys.

He has taken to breaking out more frequently lately and its not cute, it s dangerous and while he doesn't happen every day, he's escalating  and one day he's going to "play" with the wrong thing and he's going to choke on it or eat something poisonous. Something has to give.

What broke the camel's back finally is Wednesday night he didn't sleep. He panted and paced and and wouldn't sleep or be still. If he doesn't sleep I don't sleep and that's not okay. I tried everything I knew about to help him relax. I let him off his leash so he could wander the house, I took him outside in the middle of the night to pee and I filled his water bowl. Finally at 1:30am, I dosed him with Melatonin and that in combination with everything else, finally got him to at least stop panting and wandering and eventually, he went to sleep.

I hate that he was so clearly uncomfortable and unhappy! Its awful to know that he is having a freak out and I can't help him through it. I probably should have dosed him with his real panic meds, but I was too tired to think that rationally.

I was sure that after the night he had he would sleep all day - I know I could have, but nooooo!, ten minutes after I left the house for work he had broken out of the room and was lose in the house in a tizzy. By the time I got home there had eaten anything he could find that look edible and some stuff that took him destroying to figure out were not..

He's going back to the dog shrink on Monday to see what his issues are and have his meds adjusted, before that though, his door is getting locks he can't get to. I'm going to lock his butt in that room! I am afraid that this will cause him to try to tunnel out but hopefully the shrink will  make sure he doesn't have the desire to do that.

I'm betting now that he has fully entered adult doghood and his weight has changed and his chemistry is different, that his meds just need to be dialed up a notch to deal with his full adult self. Think happy thoughts for us.

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