Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How I spent my Tuesday evening

First I cut up and blanched and froze the peppers and tomatoes I've collected over the past several days. The peppers join a big frozen family but the tomatoes are very lonely, they may be getting company soon but even under base case scenario thinking, all of them, will barely make a single batch of sauce. Sadness.

And then I faced my nemesis.

Look at it! All dirty and gross and so not ready to be painted! What a pig!

Oh my Gosh! What a difference a sponge bath and some severe sanding makes! It's gorgeous and so ready to be painted! What a make over! You can tell it has really good bones! I'm kidding, its impossible to tell that anything has been done to this piece of furniture.


tape, tape, tape

Ready for the next step.

What I did not get a picture of is a sizable indentation/failure to the surface of the  veneer. It appears the last owner had something too heavy for the peice, like a TV on top of it and it kind of dented the top. I could get some wood filler and make it all even, but, there will always be something on top of the dresser, I don't really want to fool around with going and getting wood filler, figureing out how to apply the filler and then sanding the filler until the section is even. Its not a priceless piece of history and it was never a really expensive item even before I took it off the curb. I think putting that much work into it would be over kill - however, if it doesn't look right after a coat of paint, I might think I made a huge mistake. Would it be worth it to do all the work? Advice would be appreciated.

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