Monday, September 14, 2015


I was going to do a Garden 2015 Update for today's entry but I forgot. I thought about it earlier today, but the sun was in the wrong place and I decided to come back a little later when the light was better - but by then, I was on to other things. It's not going to be a happy entry. Short answer? Organic gardening isn't pretty or productive.

"Other Things" being taking the dog for walks in the much less heat and watching my DVR. You have to set priorities. I made my fitbit very happy over the weekend after disappointing it Friday., as far as it it concerned I should spend much more time dedicated to walking, sometimes I have to do other things. I don't think it or my other fitness aps agree that I should let my life interfere with their fitness goals for me.

 I also went and looked at fabric in real life and wasn't impressed. I need to go to a better class of fabric store and hopefully find something that fits what I want. I did find some lovely fabric printed with potatoes, which is of course, lovely , but it is not pine cones / pine trees!

How hard should it be in September to find PINE CONES and PINE TREES?! Its autumn! Are pine cones/trees more of  winter theme?  Am I going to find any that do not also feature Santa?

I saw hundreds of different fabrics and prints and none of them worked for me for that room! I saw a couple that I wished had been around when I was working on the living/dinning rooms because they were gorgeous and I would have been all over them. I saw one that would be great somewhere, just not in a room in my house at present. I am either way, way ahead of the curve design-wise or I have no taste at all and I need to change my plans.

I do not want to change my plans. I like my plans, I think they are good plans and I want to take those plans to fruition. I want  my upstairs to look like vacation. Its all ready kind of a tree house and I want my pine trees and pine cones. Damn it.

I was much more successful with my Christmas card. I stayed up late Saturday doing it, but its taken care of for another year and I'm happy with it.  I think everyone will like it but its not as spangly as some of the others I played with. I really wanted something with some zip or glitter or bling but I settled on tasteful instead. Its lovely and is  really features the photo and the place it was taken and fills all its jobs. I would have liked more glitter though, but maybe another year.

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