Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday Already

Well, Hello! I'm back.

I didn't go anywhere but I kept busy. I washed all the laundry, did some economy boosting shopping, mowed both yards,  cooked some good dinners, ran the dishwasher a lot and walked the dog about a thousand miles.

We walked further on the greenway near here that we had before and it was very nice, much prettier than it was back in the fall. Its still not a very interesting walk and while trees are nice, it would be great if they would clear a lot of the brack along the path  that blocks the view of the stream and there is almost no access to it . I suppose it works for people on bikes but for the rest of us its a little bit of a downer.

We walked in the afternoon and then in the evening we went downtown and walked some more. I made my fitbit very happy!

When I wasn't being useful or staying in shape, I found time to obsess over hundreds of  swatches of fabric samples online  and then I went and touched all the green paint chips at Lowes and Home Depot. It wasn't for nothing though, I think I have my upstairs curtain fabric picked out and I think I'm on the right path to my green.

In real life I have two fabrics that I like..


I like the blue better because its blue, but the black fabric is closer to the Camp Knotty Pine  theme and I really like the green and I don't have any issues with foxes. The blue fabric also stays on the Camp Knotty pine message but has more  kinds of animals and birds but includes the hated owls and may not have enough green to suit me.  In the blue fabrics favor, I did see a very cute  framed squirrel needlepoint the other day and I really wanted it.

I like the blue forest fabric and it has a lot of good points for it, but I think at this point I couldn't have my black forest fabric I would feel let down, and if I really like the squirrel needlepoint, I could just buy it because I really like it. Damn it.

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