Friday, October 9, 2015


Today was a good day. I found .28 in change, three pennies and a quarter.

I was standing on acorner, waiting for the signal to change and saw something that could have very well been a  quarter in a cross walk ,  and I had to study it because the light was in an odd place and it could have just been a trickster piece of random quarter shaped plastic - because that  has gotten me before and how embarrassing to pick up that costumed trickster and have it not be a real quarter! It makes you look a little desperate.

And so to not look too desperate or get tricked, I studied it until the the light changed and it wasn't until I was almost across the street that it became clear that it was an actual, real, quarter and I wanted it and I was going to have it. Damn the bus.

I had to cross the street to not get run over by the bus. It did run over the quarter. I tried to be as cool as possible as I re-crossed the street to claim the quarter, which was hard! It was clear I was going back to pick up change off the street and who does that?. I couldn't immediately see it for a moment and I feared the bus had somehow eaten it - because if anything  would somehow be able to eat spare change, or be built to suck change off the street, it would be a city bus - But it was still there and needed rescue.

And Yes, I did this in front of an audience because why not? . If I can see to pick up pennies - Three by the end of the day! I am certainly not too proud to cross a street twice for a quarter.

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