Tuesday, October 20, 2015


This morning I became afraid that Kitty had  either been locked in a bad place all night on accident, or he ran away on purpose.

I came into the kitchen in the morning and his food hadn't been touched. I started thinking back to when exactly I had last seen him.  He hadn't come to see me when I went to bed before I went to bed, normally, its the only time he voluntarily spends time with me, but Sunday night he was a no show.I hadn't noticed because I am a bad cat mom.

Monday morning I couldn't find him. He normally is very interested in me in the morning not because he gets fed, because he doesn't, but because the dog eats in the morning and he helps the dog eat breakfast.

Fortunately, he showed up. I think he is really excited about the upstairs being ready for occupancy and he's all ready spending time up there, to prepare it for the rest of us. He's nice like that, thoughtful.I am surprised though, it was cold Sunday night and where ever he was, he was alone and not warm.

Monday was a test for Rocket and I . I was going to go home for lunch and then I remembered that there was a fund raiser for the Combined Campaign and I wanted to go. I couldn't go and get home for Rocket. I decided that the charity needed me and I needed the soup, it was good -  a lot better than a protein bar and yogurt.

I kept and eye on him over the course of the day with Dog Spy and while he did have periods of agitation, he calmed himself down and didn't damage anything and he didn't pee the floor. I was and am beyond proud of him! This means that I might be able to spend some, but not all of my lunch hours running errands instead of having to run home every day for lunch like I have for the last three years. I would like to have options. It would be nice if the damn daycare had some sort of time frame for reopening, but they don't yet, but maybe, going forward I won't need them as often.

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