Monday, October 19, 2015


I was very busy this weekend! My Fitbit was not at all impressed, it is not possible to make it understand that "errands" and "housework" or viable exercies. It does not help that I forgot to put it on Saturday morning and I lost all those steps I accrued on my errands.

But it was not all for naught. I got stuff accomplished and I feel really good about it.


After much sweat and tears I got the handles attached. It was hard! They don't just pop on! "Oh, just paint it out and replace the hardware! Fix it right up!",  Now I know why people buy new furniture, because painting it and replacing the hardware is hard! and the project becomes progressively less and less fun as time goes on and its work, lots of work. HGTV lies to us a lot.

I spent a lot of time shoveling out the room and making its lone, tiny closet useable. I found magazines in there that pre-dated my moving into this house! Some were, in my defence, issues that came out immediately after 9/11 and those do have some significance. The many, many issues dedicated to Ben & Jen, not-so-much.

I did a lot of throwing away and recycling and that always feels good. I found the curtains that had hung in the attic that I took down because they are ugly

But I never did anything with them. Now, I think I'm going to take them to a hip, downtown Collectables store and see if they are interested in them. I know there is some over monied Hipster out there that would be all over them, So Kitschy! So Vintage! . If not, they are going to Goodwill where a smarter Hipster will find them. Either way, they will be out of my life.

The room is not where I want it yet, and there are projects in every corner - I think Its Time to get rid of the computer that I haven't turned on in three years and the desk it lives on, both could get taken down and put in the attic - along with everything else I have consigned there and not yet put in there - A huge project in itself. But it is time,  and its taking up valuable real estate and I'm not using it for anything, I do want to get the stuff off the hard drive though but I don't know how to do that. I have an external drive thingy I bought when I got the lap top but I haven't been able to put the two together. I need help for that.

There are a lot of things up there that still need to be either re-homed or  put away or gotten rid of. Its a lot more than I had thought it was going to be. I need to get the ten thousand tee shirts out of the brown dresser up there and into the dresser down stairs so that I can keep my seasonal clothes together and have room for my larger, bulky winter clothes that are homeless at present.

The Great Tee-Shirt move and Dresser Clean Out are an entire thankless project in itself and I'm not ready for that yet. Soon, but not yet.

But, that being said this is what the upstairs looks like now, in its not-entirely-finished state

And then I blanched and cut up all my available vegetables! Yay! Boo for all the tomatoes that got eaten on the plants before I had a chance to rescue them! Something or someone has been feasting on them. I got some though and that is more than I had expected following the dismal summer harvest. Those plants that did not die over the summer are due to come out of the garden themselves very soon, The pepper plants are still happily producing and they can stay where they are.

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