Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Every little bit helps!

These are gift puff balls for the people at work. The top puff balls are for friends at work. I was a little worried about the puffs because I thought they looked a little tacky, but I gave them all a trim and they perked right up. I am much relieved.

The ones on top are supposed to be L-R, "earth", "the Obama symbol, kinda" for my good liberal friend and "what matches your tree and I owe you one that looks like ECSU, I'm working on it!" for my good friend. I don't like the ones on the right and I think I'm going to tell her that, they might be place holders because it has taken me this long as how many balls to get design geometry  figured out.

I didn't get much doen today on my list. I concentrated on house work and laundry and playing catch up around the house. Tuesday night is the last of the cookies damn it! Then I can get boxes and cards together and get those jobs off my list.

Then we have my cards to do, but that's another job. And my Santas! I need to get that done. Cards and cookies before Santas. They can be my reward.

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