Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Big Blue Puff Ball.

I have all this yarn left and I thought I should do something with it, I don't knit or any of the other useful yarn pursuits available to the crafty.

So, I'm working on more puff balls. Better puff balls, patterned puff balls . I did some for the garland and then I worked on the ones I made for the people at work. I like the patterned ones very much. I made a lot of multicolored versions and they are very pretty and I like them much better than the solid color ones.

I made  one that looked a little earth like and I liked it. I tried to make more. The poles are very hard to get right, I made three more and I'm less pleased then the I was with the first one. I think I got lucky the first time because the tie off made it hang more vertically than horizontally.

Vertical and horizontal are hard for a puff ball to pull off , They are good at spherical  and being egg shaped. Its hard to make patterns vertical. Land masses are very hard too. Bodies of water? Very easy! Everything else is hard. The poles, kind of a horizontal object for a puff, they are hard to get right, I make them too big or too small and I can see how they could be perfect but I can't figure out how to do it in practice. They need to be hats, but flat hats. Kind of yamaka like, not a kippa. Land masses are just hard.

You can't make the geography work,  in any way that is realistic but, I mean you could, I assume, but I'm not going to get into carving or shaping or whatever, but I would think you could spend hours making an accurate puff ball globe.

I need to keep working on it. I think I can make one that looks at least like it is supposed to look like a globe. Its good to have hobbies.

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