Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The New Normal 2

Well, we made it through another day. It helped that the dog spent the day at daycare and I was at work all day. I think we all needed some time apart.

I also remembered that Rocket did learn commands at school and I do need to use them. I have just been screaming and flailing like a broken windmill all weekend and  I do not think that this has burnished to my carefully curated image of authority that I had going for me prior to adding to the household.

While I was at work, resting, I remembered a Christmas gift  that might be helpful. Its a gizmo that you fill with dog treats and you pull a trigger and it spits a treat a few feet. I tried it initially outside and it wasn't that much fun, it only spits about three feet, However if you are inside, how far does it have to go? A good three feet is perfect for doggy redirection!

He messes with the cat, I tell him to LEAVE IT, he LEAVES IT, because he was good at dog school, and I shoot off a treat. Rocket runs toward the treat and away from the cat.

Now Rocket is obsessed with the shooter and not the cat. Winning!

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