Thursday, February 4, 2016


We can all relax now, Aces lab results came back and they are all WNL (within normal limits). So his respiratory thing is just a respiratory thing and he's eye infection is just an eye infection.  No zebras! There was a chance, albeit small, that he was in reality, a fur covered tumor.

I had to go with zebras though because Tex was so sick so often for so long and still died too soon. I have no safe place to go when it comes to cat health, just zebras everywhere! No happy thoughts about viger and happiness, no good news not ever.. In my cat world, the other shoe is hooked to a Rube Goldberg devise and it is always set to kick you in the ass. Which is why my cat has not been into see any vet in say, seven years. Not to say he wasn't fixed and vaccinated, he was, it was just done very casually and on the downlow and included no  blood work or actual exams. I took him to clinics that were very focused on keeping to the script and getting as many animals vaccinated as possible, no zebras allowed.

But. New World. New healthy cat world, new healthy cats world. Positive thoughts and kitty insurance is in the wings for LT, next month, after I've recovered from Aces no-insurance-paying-for-that-shite-myself visit to the vet. I've kind of decided that he's too old to get cheap insurance and all his vaxs  are good for the next three years anyway. LT, on the other hand is brand new out of the box and he should be able to get covered for very little - that will cover very little, you want big coverage, you pay big. I'm already paying big for the dog, who is very big. Big dogs are expensive when they need even little things.

Today I was very excited because it was pouring rain and that meant that I didn't have to rush home to walk the dog! It meant that I could comparatively leisurely go to Sams and pick up a few things and out gas in the car. While I was there I picked up an Official Jaguares Are In The Super Bowl tee-shirt. It is no where near as nice as my Cowboys shirts. This place has no football spirit! I have nicer Go! Cowboys! shirts from gas stations! Tomorrow I'm going to Lowes grocery store and I bet they at the very least had much more fun tee shirts.  There isn't even any glitter or images of the players or their jerseys or anything. Lame.

I saw that the local movie theatre is going to show the game on one of their screens, I am so tempted to go because it sounds like it would be huge fun. But then I remembered all the college kids and their huge loudness I thought maybe my nice, quite living room might be more comfortable after all.

Also, the Jags are a crap expansion team and the Cowboys aren't playing in it and whats the point?

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